Letter Request For A Business Intelligence And Big Data Infrastructure

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September 13, 2015 Chief Information Officer (CIO) Adobe Systems, 1677N Mabel Street, Seattle, WA 19737. Subject: Response to Proposal Dear Mr. Rein, We undersigned, reply to the proposal sent by your company. Huron will be delighted to provide you with our response to the request for proposal (RFP) by Friday, 13th September. We recognize that you have approached many appropriate consulting companies and we are eager to have been shortlisted for this process. We as a company are assured that all your needs for setting up a Business Intelligence and Big Data Infrastructure will be catered by us. Huron has worked on various projects like this before. Our past experiences with our clients makes us say that we have been successful in…show more content…
In your business, you have your own big data challenges. You have to turn heaps of data about various entities into actionable information. The reporting needs of institutions have evolved from simple single subject queries to data discovery and enterprise-wide analysis that tells a complete story across the institution. While the volume, variety and velocity of big data seem overwhelming, big data technology solutions hold great promise. The way I see it we can use this as one of the biggest asset for the company. We have the capacity to see patterns recounting in real time across complex systems. Huron is marshalling its resources to bring smarter computing to big data. With the Huron big data platform, we are enabling our clients to manage data in ways that were never thought possible before. Our consulting philosophy is formed around the concepts of teamwork, partnership, service, and quality, both in the coordination of our efforts within our firm and in our interactions with our clients. The strength and qualifications of our staff enable us to provide analysis that is both prompt and thorough. We strive to form partnerships with our clients. At Huron effective communication is given top priority. The comments from the aides indicated we successfully described the complicated forces in such a way that people not conversant in BI easily understood. We also know that timeliness is essential to a successful
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