Letter To Bob's Friendship

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With immense sadness and a broken heart, I learned of Bob’s passing last week, please accept my heartfelt condolences and may your various memories of Bob comfort you at this terribly difficult time. Incidentally, rumor has it that you have been developing feelings for Dallas Winston. That being the case, I would strongly recommend you to stay away from him. Before I tell you the reasons as to why you should not acquaint Dallas, I would like you to comprehend that, as I am typing this letter, I have the best of your interests in mind. To resume, I will explain to you the consequences that will surely come with being with Dallas Winston.
First, Dallas is always looking for trouble. He has been in jail a couple of times and has a disturbing criminal record. This could negatively damage your reputation and could have an undesirable impact on your relationship with other people and even with
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This will probably sound harsh, but you cannot change him, nor be the difference owing to the fact that he does not want to change. In the event that he does wish to change his ways, you will not be the person for whom he decides to change. If Dallas changes, he will change for his gang since they are practically his family.
As a final point, if you decide to ignore my advice and get together with Dallas, you will most likely end up in jail like him or even pregnant. A child is a great responsibility and Dallas Winston is definitely not responsible for his own actions, in the event that he decides to take responsibility for the child, what example will your child receive or in what conditions will the child live?
Keeping your feelings at bay and staying away from him, or any other boys like him will be hard but not impossible. Keeping your distance will be easier if you start with baby steps. Walk around in the park, read a few books, watch a few movies, or focus on learning something new, watching the sunset could also be a
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