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Dear Chronicle Books; Submissions Editor,

The law of attraction is a growing trend. Though many people read the books tailored towards this law they fail to attract into their life what they desire. They have the knowledge to use this law yet they don’t practice it. Knowledge isn’t a capacity of knowing but rather a capacity of doing. One of Seven gives readers the practical tool to really use this law to their advantage to finally manifest their goals. The main principles in this book are based on the similarities I noticed in books including The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra and The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, psychological studies I examined while I was in University, and various documentaries including The Secret on Netflix. These sources have a very powerful and effective message to empower people to transform their lives yet millions of people don’t follow through. With One of Seven anybody in the world can manifest the lives they have always wanted by filling out their daily journal. Chronicle Books
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I have been published by Peter Pauper Press for the journal and workbook Break Up with Your Diet with an expected release date of January 2017. I’m an entrepreneur living in Ontario, Canada. After graduating with a B.A. in psychology and Physical Education from Redeemer University College I started a wellness coaching company that I run online through my website, Shortly after this I branched out and started an organic clothing company called Gorgeous Buddha. Using all of the knowledge I have gained thus far I noticed many trends that set success apart from failure. I created this journal for myself and have been using it to attract the successes I have achieved so far. I wanted to share these practices in a practical way with others to achieve their goals. I can be contacted by email (, phone number (905-818-4626), or the address provided above at any
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