Letter To Dan's Letter: Addicted To Drug

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I want to share with you, a letter Dan wrote about his addiction. His letter is sincere, powerful, and has great depth. This is the Dan, my family knew before drugs took him away from us. After reading his letter, I realize more clearly the struggle that Dan is goes through every day with his addiction. I am humbled by his letter, I am sure that I couldn’t have written this eloquent letter.

I am certain none of us could have written a more heart-felt letter. I also, believe that if we were addicted to drugs, we might do no better and maybe worse in struggling to overcome our addiction. The only thing different about us is we are fortunate, unlike Dan our self-esteem was strong, and we were able to say no, or unlike Dan were able to use drugs and still move forward with our lives. Having read Dan’s letter I feel less self-righteous, and judgmental about Dan’s substance abuse and behavior. …show more content…

First, using drugs should never have been considered a violation of his conditions of probation or release. Substance abuse had very little bearing on his misdemeanor conviction and it was only tangentially related to his recent charge, if he had not become a drug seeker, he would have been at a drug dealer apartment, and thus in harm’s way. Second, it is important to recognize, Dan has never violated any of the primary conditions of his probation or release. Concerning Dan’s misdemeanor, he has never contacted the girl involved in this incident, and he has avoided situations where he would be near children under 16. Regarding Dan’s conditions of release, other than the time Dan spent at St. Alban’s Correctional Center, for another drug violation and working at unapproved times, he has not had contact the defendants in this case, nor has he contacted the

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