Letter To Florence Pennington

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Florence Pennington sat silently as teardrops gathered in the corners of her eyes, she began collecting her thoughts as she prepared to write the letter she has been fearing for so long. She knew the day would come that she would have to write Ellie Sue a letter to explain the history of her life and how she has become the woman she is today, because of her declining health she knew she would not be able to share this with her in person. She wanted her to know their history and how she ached to be united with her again. Florence, an appreciative woman with matured brown crinkly skin, rough hands that insinuate the hardships she endured working the fields picking cotton, and sorrowful eyes that reflect fatigue. She has suffered immense changes…show more content…
I am incredibly sorry you have had to grow up without me there to guide and protect you. I just hope that you remember everything I taught you and cherish the short time we had together until you were sold into slavery to Mr. Donald Johnson. I have prayed every day for your safety and wellbeing. I just want you to know there will be changes coming soon, I can just feel it in my bones. I have prayed and now I am believing that soon God will deliver us out of the hands of these slave masters. I must tell you, the mind set of today’s southern society is terribly mistaken. People see that there is nothing wrong with working us to the core, thrashing us every day, causing physical and emotional sexual abuse on innocent women, and depriving us of necessities to live. As with our living nightmare, other mothers and fathers fear that their families will be spilt up also. I was completely heart broken when I heard them speak of all you children being sold, especially with you only being twelve years old and having to be without your mother and father. I tried many times to escape and come find you. A year or so after you were gone, I was discouraged and had given up hope, that is when God opened my eyes. Many years have now passed and I realize that I am privileged to
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