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Hereby I want to express my sincere desire to be baptized and become part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The reason I have asked me to write this letter is because my sins are not mild. Before you I address those details, I consider it is imperative that narrate some of the circumstances of my life that led me to commit such wrongdoings.

I was born and lived on the island of Cuba, before the days of communism. From an early age, I have lived a series of horrific events that have marked my life. In 1959, when I was nine years old, the communist regime began to govern; and my family was against such ideals. That brought dire consequences for our family, including me. I was an eyewitness of how much of my immediate family
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Yes, as you well read, the communist regime also sent children to the adult prison, and many of those ruffians abused of the innocence of those defenseless children. Largely, due to all the bitterness I had in my heart, I felt compelled to become a defender of the innocent in this environment of evil. Many frightened children approached me for protection, and offered to them for nothing in return. Perhaps the atrocities I lived as child had a great influenced in that decision. During the Mariel, the Cuban communists sent me to the United States with other criminals as well. Some of them sought to kill me. After several years in this country, I killed another man who was looking after me to take my life. This event led me to be imprisoned in this country for ten…show more content…
Moreover, I have come to feel repulsion of myself. My life has been a breastplate and darkness for all the things I have experienced. When I no longer could bare the guilt of my consciousness, I had thoughts of committing suicide. It was in those conditions where I met Jesus Christ, which has paid for my sins, and that through repentance I can be released of my torment. Although I have had psychological help, I recognize that I need God's forgiveness. I feel isolated and helpless. Even more, I have not been able to forgive myself.

My conscience is being tormented and as the only way I can go to sleep is by sleeping pills. I know I have done a great evil; however, many times I wonder why at this time God has knocked the doors of my house through His missionaries. I have taken all the lessons from the missionaries, and I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know that Heavenly Father sent his begotten son to die for our sins including mine. And I know that without Him I cannot reach forgiveness. This is why I appeal to your clemency and God's mercy to allow me to be baptized.
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