Letter To My Daughter By Maya Angelou

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One central idea developed in a letter to my daughter is that forgiveness, acceptance and moving on are the milestones to a better life.

Maya Angelou was an African American woman _who__ composed her own life story throughout numerous of short stories. “Letter to my daughter” was the third essay she published. She wrote this book “letter to my daughter” even though she had no daughters herself. This essay was written for thousands of women out there to embrace them and show them how she gained wisdom throughout her life, although many women saw her as a mother figure.

“I have learnt to accept my responsibility and to forgive myself first, then apologise to anyone injured by my misreckoning.” Maya Angelou states that self-love, self-respect
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Forgiveness, acceptance and moving on are the milestones to a better has so many obstacles no matter what any problem that comes our way it's a thing we cannot escape from them.Forgive yourself for you forgive others. Accept what you have to face in life because life doesn't get any easier.Live your life as a challenge. Forget about what happened in the past and move on this will lead you to live a better
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