Letter To Start School Case Study

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I am writing this letter to appeal my case of not being able to start school in September. In September 2015, I had a goal which was to keep my GPA at 3.0 or higher. My goal was very achievable at the beginning of the school year but things happen where a situation is beyond your control. This is what happened to me. My mom's father passed during the school year. When we first found out the news it didn't hit me that everything would change for me. Funerals are expensive and so is planning for one. My grandfather left my mom with no money, just his wife and other daughter. It amazed me how even family would treat you after all you have done for them. This is all besides the point, my mom was forced to pay for my grandfathers funeral and burial service since her stepmom wouldn't chip in. This financial affected me…show more content…
For this school year I spoke to my manager about cutting my hours to just working on the weekends and focusing on school full time. I've read the letter sent out saying I can't be full time, but I would really love to be. I want to be in school more than I want to work. I want to better myself. To fix the financial situation at home I've even moved to my dad's house to stay since the rent went up higher at my mom's house because I was over the age of 18.
When I am given the chance to be apart of the semester I will utilize the math and writing center as well as asking the teachers for help. I will keep up with my good attendance as well, so that I will be able to ask more questions. I would like for you to reconsider reinstating me into this semester,I don't want to look at my mom and see disappointment when she looks back. I really need this chance to make a difference and make my mom proud and I know I can do better when I have everything
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