Letter Transmittal : Report On Customer Satisfaction Of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited

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Letter of Transmittal: Date: April 10, 2017 Nazmul Hassan
Senior Lecturer
Department of Business Administration
East West University, Dhaka Sub: Submission of Internship Report. Dear Sir,
I am writing in construction with the internship report naming “Internal Practice & Performance Impact on Customer Satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited” Under the state of the report, I have been given suitable information from the workers of Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd. for collecting primary data. I also have gone through various publications linking with Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd. and its operation. This report delivers me an insight on the internal culture and customer satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank. In this report I
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Every single liability of this report goes with the author of it. Accumulation of Information, data analysis and the preparation of this report is a result of author’s own Effort.

Syed Istiaque Ahmed
ID: 2012-3-10-189
Department of Business Administration
East West University, Dhaka
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Today’s world is changing very rapidly as new businesses are emerging by placing the old ones. In this new millennium, people feel a growing uneasiness about the future. Many countries suffer from chronic high un-employment, a persistent deficit and deteriorating purchasing power. Like the other businesses, banking practices are also changing at an incredible pace. In the banking industry, General Banking division is an important division because it controls all the corporate financial activities. Now it is not easy to operate the banking practices like traditional approaches of 1800 or 1900 A.D. Today’s banks need to recognize that they are no longer geographically bound, and that the introduction of electronic autobahn represents a whole new delivery channel for customer services. My honorable supervisor Nazmul Hassan, Senoir Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University, Dhaka, directed me all the way to prepare this report. Without his help and kind co-operation it was
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