Letter of Advice

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Letter of Advice
Stephanie Skidmore
Com 200: Interpersonal Communication
Katie Decker
September 19, 2011

Dear Samantha and Billy,
Congratulations on deciding to get married. But before you make the big step let’s discuss a few things. Good communication is essential to a healthy marriage, I will be giving you advice on how to effectively use interpersonal communication between one another. The information that I am providing you with please keep it and utilize it throughout your marriage.
Effective interpersonal interactions are essential in life. Interpersonal interactions influence everything including your happiness of your friends and family. The process of building a relationship with someone is not always smooth and
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This level of self-disclosure you might talk about just the simple things in life. These topics might be small talk about the clothes you are wearing, the cars you drive, what’s going on around town? But as time goes on you began to talk more and more to one another. Conversations will eventually evolve turn into questionnaires for one another.
As you twos relationship went on you started to reveal more and more about yourselves to one another. Your conversations went from the simple things to a little more advance conversations like things one another were interested in or maybe started talking a little about each of your families. That is always a nice subject to speak about. The whole purpose of small talk is to see if each individual has something in common with one another. As you continue to talk to one another your conversations become more and more complex. This was a good thing!
Self-disclosure allows you to reduce uncertainty about each other and to predict how costly or how rewarding future interactions with another person will be. Once you mutually determine that you want to establish some type of relationship, disclosure continues over time to more personal topics (Svennevig, 2000).
An interpersonal conflict may be simply described as a clash between two individuals who are unwilling or unable to fulfill the expectations of each other. Interpersonal conflicts are rarely a case of one person being completely at
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