Letter of a Father to His Children

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This is your father Aaron Rooplal. I know it would be years until it’s time for the both of you to read this letter. First, I want to apologize for being away from you so long. I know this isn't fair but I’m away for this business project in Japan just so that I’m able to provide a financially stable lifestyle for you and your superb mom who has been struggling so much on her own to take care of you both. This business project will be done before no time and I promise to come back with so many gifts for you both and make up for all the lost time. How is school going? And how are your friends? Make sure you both are focused in school instead of spending all your time glued to the TV. Now Adam and Layla, I want to discuss some important things with you. Although it may sound weird, it’s very essential to be familiar with this knowledge. Both of you my children, will go through a growing stage called puberty. Puberty is the period of time when a child begins to mature biologically, psychologically, physically and cognitively. These changes won’t occur right away, instead they will occur at different times according to your own unique internal time. During puberty, your body grows faster than at any other time in your life because of hormones. I will get into more detail explaining what the both of you will be going through individually. I will begin with Layla. Honey, when you come to age and hit puberty your body will become curvier and your hip bones will be wider than

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