Letter of a Father to His Son at Graduation

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But, you moving on to crossmen then college will create a huge void in mine and your mother’s life, Vanessa’s also. Don’t get me wrong we are happy for you and being your father has been a huge joy for me. I know when you graduate and the blur of activity following graduation then going to Crossmen Sunday that we shall never have the same relationship we have had. And I say that not in a bad way at all. It will just be different because you see mom and I have to let you be a man. This is when we find out how well we did and how well you listened. You see now is the point in my life when I look back, with regrets on the fishing trips we never took, on the movies we never went and saw on the hunting trips I never took you on. Even though I swore it would not happen to me it did I wasted many opportunities I should have shared with you. It was not for lack of want to its just that many times life just got in the way. Working every other weekend, maintain a home and 4 acres etc…… there were many reasons that all I appear like excuses to me now. And I apologize from the bottom of heart.

While it may not seem like it to you, it has went by way too fast, not just this year but your whole life. From you watching TV in the “Little House”, to us sitting beside each other not just once but twice at Disney on the Toy Story ride. From hearing your mom telling you that now your “Clean. Clean” while she dried you after your bath. To being the…

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