Letter to Birmingham Essay

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Have you ever seen an injustice that you wanted to correct or fix but you were to scared of consequences? Well Martin Luther King was not one of those people who didn’t do something because of the fear for consequences. He went to jail for protesting an injustice that was happening to African Americans everywhere. While he was in jail he decided to write a letter to his fellow clergymen answering their criticisms and explaining his reasons for being in jail. He uses the methods of ethos pathos and logos to explain why his method of non violent and peaceful protests would help further their cause. Martin luther king uses examples of ethos in his letter in multiple ways. In the beginning of his letter he is answering one of his fellow…show more content…
He writes “As in so many of our past experiences, our hopes have been blasted,and the shadow of deep disappointment settled upon us”(pg2). This makes us feel sorrow and disappointment towards our own races because of the way the treated other humans. Also when he was answering another criticism on why not let the police handle it. His answer was that he has seen “ Its dogs sinking their teeth into unarmed nonviolent negroes…….to watch them push and curse old negro women and young negro girls…….or on two occasions when they refused to give us food because we wanted to sing our graces together”(pg10). This is just so saddening and angering to know that they were beaten and abused because they were of a different color and race and they decided to finally speak up for their rights and they were beaten and hurt because of it. These are some of the prime examples of pathos being used in the letter. Logos is the method of using graphs and charts but also using common sense. Martin Luther King uses this method to try to explain to his reasons for participating in these nonviolent protest. When he is explaining the steps in a nonviolent protest he makes alot of sense when listing the steps “ collection of the facts to determine whether injustice exists,negotiation,self purification, and direct action”(pg2). These are very logical because it list the steps to make to make an accurate

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