Letter to Daniel by Fergal Keane

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The "Letter to Daniel", written by Fergal Keane- an international journalist, is a strong emotive piece of writing, which would not have been nearly as effective without the detail that Keane has used. The main feature of the text is the letter format that Keane has used, addressed to his newborn son, Daniel, who obviously cannot read yet. The letter is exceptionally personal yet it was always intended for publishing. This begs for the question; "Why has Fergal Keane written this?" to be asked. In my opinion the piece is used for catharsis, and as a statement from Keane about how he now forgives his father for his behavior in the past, as I learned about in the separate piece "Letter to my Father", also written by …show more content…

“His voice cried out, growing ever fainter when the wind blew dust on to his wounds"
This detail makes the text more emotive and engaging.
An interesting feature of Keane's "Letter to Daniel" is the section in which he starts to reflect upon his own background. Here, he writes in the present tense and in the third person to describe his mother's preparation for his birth.
"It begins thirty-five years ago in a big city on a January morning with snow on the ground and a

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