Letter to Grand Duchess Christina

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Patrick King Hist 480 History of Science & Technology A Critical Review of Galileo’s “Letter to Grand Duchess Christina” When it comes to theories and law’s concerning the movement of stellar bodies and why the universe is moving the way it is and how it came to be, data is continuously being added and revised. It is through this constant revising of theories and establishing of laws that core ideas are proven, with modern day scientists expanding knowledge for the rest of us. One of the earliest pioneers of spatial theories was the Italian astronomer, Galileo Galilei, who used the theories of those who came before and he learned from to paint a better picture of the way the universe was set. True to form, he dealt with accusations of heresy and resistance to his ideas from others during his life, which today are held as being before his time. In this piece, Galileo is responding in letter to the Grand Duchess of Tuscany Christina in regards to reports that she had criticized the theories of Copernicus, which Galileo felt was along the correct line of thought for the heliocentric hypothesis. The heliocentric hypothesis was the belief that the planets, including Earth, revolved around the sun, rather than the heavens revolved around Earth. This was greeted with great skepticism by many during this time period with religion still the main focus of civilization. It was with this letter that Galileo attempted to convince the Grand Duchess that her criticism was misplaced and
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