Letter to Lóreal Canada Regarding Avoiding Animal Testing

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DATE: April 03, 2014 TO: K. Voltan, Vice President FROM: Rob Geis, Marketing Executive SUBJECT: Higher Demand for Non-Animal Tested Cosmetic Products INTRODUCTION L’Oréal Canada and Animal Testing There has been some controversy regarding L’Oréal Canada and their use of animal testing in their cosmetic products. For certifications regarding safety, we currently possess 86% of manufacturing facilities that are either OHSAS 18001 or VPP certified. (L’Oréal Canada, 2014) Safety is a priority for us at L’Oréal Canada to ensure that our products are safe for our consumers so that they can enjoy the beauty of our cosmetic products. Health Canada has stated that science has not advanced to the point where they feel comfortable banning…show more content…
(CFHS, 2014) L’Oréal Canada should work hard to ensure that all of our manufacturing faculties comply with the standards of CCAC so that our faculties can be certified for good animal practices as well. It is important that our researchers and manufacturers find alternative methods to animal testing, and only resort to the use of animals when all else fails. If there is no option but to use animals for the testing of cosmetic products, the number of animals used should be minimized, and pain and discomfort for those animals should be reduced as well. This is how the implementation of the three R’s of ethics should be used with regards to animals in research so that we have good business practices and consumers will be more willing to purchase our products. Sections 444-447 under the Criminal Code of Canada protects the rights of animals against cruelty, but it the provincial legislation that deals with the use of animals in research. (CFHS, 2014) Quebec has a specific legislation for animals in research, but this legislation does not have the CCAC guidelines implemented into the legislation. (CFHS, 2014) At L’Oréal Canada, since we are located in Montreal, we should focus on incorporating CCAC guidelines into our business practices even though the provincial legalisation does not make it a requirement. This is important because consumers want to purchase products from companies that have good business practices and protect the rights of animals. Therefore our

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