Letter to the 1900s

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Hello, my name is ******. I am from the year 2012, this letter is meant to inform you about the wonders of electronic mail! Not far from the time you live in now there will be great advances in technology. A man named Thomas Edison was the father of modern home electrical devices. The light bulb was among the first. You may see strange bottled light on street corners or perhaps in local homes or public buildings. These tiny wonders are a marvel of modern technology for your time. In my time we send voices, photographs, and motion pictures across the ethers. This may sound like sorcery to you but allow me to explain our world as it is in the 21st century. Not long after the lightbulb was invented, man took flight. The Wright brothers…show more content…
Much like text messages “E-mail” is a letter that you type on a cellular telephone or a Computer which I will explain to you in my next letter. Your “E-mails” May contain electronic versions of your pictures, sounds, small recordings of day to day life or messages that contain moving pictures of people and things! Electronic mail is sent primarily through the 21st century worlds standing infrastructure of copper buried underground in most cases. “E-mail” has revolutionized the world much the telephone will change yours. Global communication has lead to advances in everything from political collaboration to increased commerce around the world. This is a strange and wonderful time to live on earth! I chose the letter to the 1900’s explaining e-mail, because I know more about the subject than the others. It also seemed easier to me than explaining the sensory overload of a carnival to a blind person, or broaching the subject of war atrocities to children. As a veteran that would have probably just been troubling. Explaining E-mail to someone with no knowledge of current technology is something I have to do on a daily basis these day it seems however. Starting with a description of items that may or may not be in their world as yet, or things that will be brought about soon should lessen the blow of what they are about the learn. I continued by making referances to a few of the technological advances that lead to the invention of email to put it all into
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