Letters Of Letters From Birmingham

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Letters from Birmingham Module 3 Assignment 2: LASA 1 NeShanta Staten 07/22/2015 Argosy University PHI 101 A01 The letters to Birmingham puts in my in the mind of the letters sent church in Corinth by Paul. Just as word reach Paul in that same manner so did it with Dr. King which in both instance they both stopped to take a moment and address the situation at hand. ( 1 Corinthians, KJV) In each letter the meaning behind them was to bring awareness and understanding to the people around them. Letters to Corinth was written because the people in the community had fallen in serious moral dilemma. ( https://www.biblegateway.com/ ) This is where I feel these two come together the letter are here to give a platform the writers in orer for them to bring salvation. Dr. King was in Birmingham because of the injustice that is going on over those that believe in equality and civil rights for, on the other side there were those that didn’t. The city population was mainly KKK members, one man in particular was Commissioner of Public Safety Eugene “Bull” Connor 's who was more about segregation that equal rights that’s members needed someone in high authority on their side. While the protester marched nonviolently the were attacked by police dogs and strong blasted of water holes similar to the ones use to put out fires. ( King, 2006) What deemed effective for Dr. King was civil disobedience during the march that he held. So you ask yourself, how can this be

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