Letters and Confessions in Romeo and Juliet

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I think we should keep everything in the order of the notes.
First confession- Romeo comes to talk about being in love with Juliet (done)
Second Confession- Good and Bad uses of Herbs Act II Scene III (done)
Letter- To Romeo agreeing to marry Him and Juliet (done)
Letter- To Romeo informing him that Juliet isn’t dead (done)
Image of ingredients and potions
3 sunflower seeds
2 Lotus Buds
5 Rose Petals
1 Violet Flower
2 Tulip Buds
3 Daisy Petals
4 Sprigs of Parsley
Love Potion red dye sugar Death Potion salt blue dye
Envy Potion leaves green dye
Poem- About confusion
Letter- To Romeo explaining how everything is going to be ok (banishment) and how he should be grateful herbs, flowers,
Marriage License

Fourth Confession- Describes how he told plan to Juliet and what he feels about it Act IIV (done)
Fifth Confession- is he to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death
Letter- To Lord Capulet saying he will marry Paris and Juliet?
Poem- love (what it really means)
Last Confession- How he feels about the outcome and overall situation

First Confession: Romeo has come to me with interesting news. He surprised me with a visit today, which was sort of weird. He has revealed that he had found his soulmate at a party hosted by Lord Capulet. Why would he even attend the party with him being a Montague. This cannot be right because they are to be enemies. Oh, and what about the Rosaline girl? It amazes me how quickly he…
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