Letting Your Kids Go Essay

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Letting Your Kids Go

When is it time to let go of your children? When is it time to let them find themselves? Are they ready for the world? Are you ready to let them go when their first day of school rolls around? Are you ready to let them experience what the world is about? Are you ready to let them grow up? Needless to say, these questions haunt parents of every child. But is it always safe to be over protective?

In the movie “Finding Nemo,” an over protective father shelters his child, Nemo, due to a traumatizing experience he encountered when Nemo was just a baby. Being so over protective makes Nemo retaliate against his father. “Nemo you’re going to get stuck out there and I am going to have to go rescue you, you
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1998). Karen expresses that the initial shock of leaving your children for the first time can have a large impact on the parent and child. “Letting go is an experience of growth for the child as well as the parent” (Karen Diamond, Sept. 1998). I completely disagree with this concept. Sitting in on classes while your parents are there is embarrassing to the child and they are likely to be upset and disappointed with the fact that they might be the only child in the room with their parents taking notes on how the teacher does her job. It my be the perfect transition for the parents; helping them cope with it. In all actuality, it can only cause harm and make the child feel uneasy about the transition. The book that best describes my outlook is Early Childhood Parenting Skills. This text expresses that trust and communication is the key to a successful relationship with your child. The anxiety a parent gets from letting their kids ride their bikes by themselves or going and staying at someone’s house is equally unhealthy for the parents and the child (Richard R. Abidno, 1996 p. 124). Letting go and trusting is one of the healthiest things a family could do. Of course the world is dangerous, but it has been that way since day one. “The fear of crime, child abuse and violence are in fact much greater than the actual threat to your children” (Richard R. Abidno p. 90). I feel that this text should be read by every parent in America. Trusting your child
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