Lev Vygoskys Socialcultural Theory

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Lev Vygotsky’s Socialcultural Theory Vicky Phillips ECE 101 Lev Vygotsky’s Socialcultural Theory Lev Vygotsky’s Cultural-Historical Theory is the idea that a child’s social environment was a major contributor to how each child developed. In my own experiences in the classroom I see how each child is an individual and how their development is a product of their environment. Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is the concept that having assistance and guidance from others, children can learn tasks that is too difficult for them to do on their own. Scaffolding is an important part of ZPD; it is the support and guidance while learning a new task. Lev Vygotsky was born in Orsha, Belarus in 1986. In 1917 he graduated…show more content…
p 52) An example would be a child pretending to be a firefighter, he has the coat and hat but pretends he has a hose to put the fire out. Multiple role play is when a group of children play supporting their different characters. An example is a group of children pretending to be firefighters, one drives the truck, another gets the hose, and another answers the phone. Clearly defined rules of play are when more than one child wants the same prop but understands they need to wait until the other child is done playing with it. Flexible themes is where children extend their play an example would be if a mom is playing that her baby is sick and she has to take the baby to the hospital and then she has to go to the drug store for the medicine. Language development at a mature level in play is when children use their language to plan and play out their roles with the other children. The length of play is where children extend their play of the same situation for more than one day. Teachers can make their classroom environment where each child can learn at their own maturity level. In early childhood classrooms, the teacher begins the year by screening each child to find what level they are at developmentally. This gives the teacher a beginning point of what each child needs to progress their learning. The classroom environment is child friendly with different play areas around the classroom. In each area the teacher has different materials
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