Level 2 Childrens Care and Education Unit 5

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Unit 5: Communication and professional skills within child care and education D1:There are many aspects in relation to professional practice. Four areas of professional practice are: Attitudes to work Time keeping and attendance Awareness of children’s development Understanding children’s behaviour D2: It is important when working within a childcare setting that your timekeeping and attendance is up to scratch, punctuality is key because within this type of setting as a practitioner you have a multitude of responsibilities to carry out in order to help the child to thrive and develop. In addition to this it is also mandatory to have good punctuality because many people will be relying on you within that setting, For example…show more content…
Understanding a child’s behaviour is keybecause they are unable to understand the reasons why they behave the way they do, but if a practitioner is able to understand their behaviour they can strive to overcome any issues which are contributing to the behaviour which is being shown. In addition to this by understanding the behaviour and trying to deciefer the reasons behind it as a practitioner you are helping them to avoid carrying the behaviour related issues into future life. D3-I have made sure throughout my time at work placement that I have been punctual and aware of my time keeping, this has been shown through my log book which has to be signed every day that I have been present (See appendix 1), In addition to this I have also had my final report passed, one of the criteria within this report is that I must show professional standards of time keeping, I passed this part of my report. (See appendix 2 highlighted pink). Whilst attending my work placement I have made sure that not only my timekeeping is up to a proficient standard but also that my attitude towards my work is that of a professional practitioner. I am able to distinguish an improvement in relation to my work attitude because on my final report one of the criteria states ‘Demonstrates positive and consistent attitudes and behaviour which shows commitment to the welfare of the child and family this criteria

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