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2Unit 6: Paediatric emergency first aid
1.1-Identify the responsibilities of a paediatric first aider
The responsibilities of a paediatric first aider are to preserve life, limit the effects of the condition- especially in blood loss and to aid prompt recovery.
Role of the first aider * Adequate first aid equipment- first aid box is up to date * Administer first aid when necessary * Report the incident- either to the manager or 999 depending on seriousness * Review situation to make sure treatment is correct * Review to make sure your treatment is working * First aid needs to be prompt, effective and safe to both the casualty and first aider
1.2-Describe how to minimise the risk of infection to self and
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Gunshot wound
A bullet may drive through the body causing serious internal injury and sucking in clothing and contaminants from the air. The entry wound maybe small and neat any exit wound maybe large and raged.
Stab wound
This type of wound is caused by a long or bladed instrument penetrating the body i.e. a knife. Stab wounds to the torso must always be treated seriously because of the dangers of injury to vital organs a life-threatening internal bleeding.
Puncture wound
An injury such a standing on a nail or being pricked by a needle will result in a puncture wound. It has a small entry site but a deep track of internal damage. The risk of infection is high because germs and dirt can be carried far into the body.
Crushing or ripping results in tears or lacerations. These wounds may bleed less profusely than incised wounds but there is likely to be more tissue damage. Lacerations are often contaminated with germs so risk of infection is high.
Contusion (bruise)
A blunt blow or punch can rupture capillaries beneath the skin causing blood to leak into the tissues which results in bruising. The skin can occasionally split. Severe contusion may indicate deeper damage such as a fracture or internal injury.
6.2-Describe the types and severity of bleeding and the affect that it has on an infant and a child.
Arterial bleeding
Arteries carry bright red oxygen rich blood under pressure from the heart. If an artery is damaged bleeding

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