Level 2 Skills Essay

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4. Level 1 skill: Managing Level 2 skill: Evaluating
A. I can document annual evaluations for 8 direct reporting employee and review annual evaluations for 83 second-line reporting employees; well enough to ensure accurate reporting and documenting of performance.
B. The Knowledge and Cognitive Dimension
The Knowledge Dimension
If I have knowledge of,
Factual: the Employee Performance Evaluation is processed within the CAPPS (Centralized Accounting & Payroll/Personnel System). I am able to access, view, and select evaluation actions for each direct reporting employee in CAPPS.
Conceptual: The Employee Performance Evaluation has three sections containing the Employee Identification Data, Performance Criteria, and Essential Job Functions
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I am able to use this spreadsheet to review the specific time period on the Employee Performance Evaluation and properly determine the level of performance. I am able to apply documenting techniques I learned from taking Management Development Program, Grammar 101, and Great Grammar and Painless Proofreading.
Analyzing: Providing annual evaluations assists with addressing areas needing improvement and acknowledging areas exceeding expectations. Most people want to do well, so if they are provided the guidance then performance levels will increase.
Evaluating: The majority of the EJTs are examined and broken down based on percentages for each rating level. When the percentage is at 97% or higher, the rating level is Exceeds Expectation; 95.00-96.99%, the rating level is Meets Expectation; and 94.99% or lower, the rating level is Does Not Meet Expectations.
Creating: I am able to create a new Employee Performance Evaluation for each employee annually within CAPPS. I maintain performance notes throughout the year to easily determine the performance.
C. Tools and Technology: If I have, or If I use. . .
1. A computer with access to internet and MS Excel on a desk with a chair in order to evaluate the data for the evaluation. 2. Permission to access CAPPS and PIMS to electronically submit the evaluation and collect data. 5. Level 1 skill: Planning Level 2 skill: Organizing
A. I can establish and
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