Level 3 Child Development Essay

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Level 3

Main principles of development:

The main principles of development are: * Physical development – gross and fine motor skills * Communication development * Social development * Emotional development * Intellectual development * Moral development

Sequences of development:

Sequences of development are the order in which children develop; all children follow the same sequence of development but at different rates.
For example the sequence of physical development starting from birth will start with a baby turning his/her head towards a sound - then able to hold their head up independently - sit up with support and reach for objects -
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Disability could delay a child’s social development if they feel left out, it may lower their self-esteem and their confidence in making friends therefore they won’t be getting the experience they need to develop their social skills and their emotional development because they won’t be learning to wait their turn and share. Also they may lack in a ‘can do’ attitude which could stop them from trying new things and trying again if they fail the first time.

Genetic inheritance

Sensory impairments usually result in the other senses becoming stringer. Although it could delay the child’s development if it isn’t diagnosed early, the earlier it is diagnose the earlier the child can be supported and be taught relevant things in a way that suits them.

Learning difficulties could affect the way the child interacts with other children which could delay their social and emotional skills because they could either not interact enough or interact in an angry way because they are frustrated with themselves which in that case the child doesn’t know how to handle their emotions.

External factors which influence child development, including:

Motivation is very important, for a child to progress their development
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