Level 3 Childcare Unit1 Essay

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Unit 1. Understanding child and young person development. 1. Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19years. The word development refers not to the physical growth of children and young people, but to the skills and knowledge that they are developing. When looking at child development it is divided into the following areas – Physical Development Refers to learning how to master physical movement. Fine motor skills These involve the small muscles of the body used for hand –eye co-ordination, writing and grasping of small objects. Gross motor skills These include the large muscles used for sitting, standing, crawling, and walking.…show more content…
Social/emotional and behavioural Trying to stay near their parents or carer. 1 year At 1 year, babies are able to sit up and feed themselves using fingers. They also know what they like and do not like, food that they don’t like usually ends up on the floor. Babies are now able to understand more of what is going on and communicate with long strings of babble. Physical Standing up and holding on to furniture. Cognitive Recognising routines of the day (e.g. becoming excited when having a bib put on or seeing the bath) Communication Fingers pointing at objects to draw an adult’s attention to them. Social/emotional and behavioural Need to stay close to parent or carer and anxiety when approached by strangers. 18 months At 18 months children start to want independence they cry and protest if something that they want is not given to them. Their language skills are still developing and most children will be able to use several words. Toddlers can be restless and change moods quickly, they also become distressed when left in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar adults. Physical Sitting and pushing off with legs on sit –and –ride toys. Cognitive Enjoyment of posting toys. Communication Less babble and more recognisable words. Social/emotional and behavioural Interest in

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