Level 3 Diploma

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Unit 030
Outcome 1:
1.1. Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children
Look at the factors below how will could they affect a child’s life; * Education; poor education could effect future goals and aspirations * Disability; unable to access certain services or activities * Poverty; poor health and hygiene, lack of activities and experiences being accessed * Housing; poor health, unable to develop fully. * Offending behaviour; convictions, effecting social ties and job opportunities * Health status; effect social ties, education, job opportunities * Personal choice; effect social ties, education, job opportunities, crime * Family expectations;
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By allowing them to be a part of their care planning they can see the support required and the impact of their own decisions on their goals.

Outcome 3:
3.1. Explain the potential impact of disability on the outcomes and life chances of children
Describe the possible impact of a disability on a child’s life; * Education; can affect their education potential, unable to meet * Poverty; unable to work due to disabilities * Social inclusion; unable to make friends, bullied * Positive relationships; unable to build and maintain them * Work prospects; social exclusion, inappropriate social behaviours, poor education, lack of experience and training
Disability can impact on many areas of a child’s life and it is essential that we plan and support the child in all these areas so they can achieve realistic goals for thir age and abilities. 3.2. Explain the importance of positive attitudes towards disability and specific requirements
Why is important to have a positive attitude towards disabilities;

* Promotes a healthy practice * Inclusion * Respect * Equality * Diversity * Support network * Confidence and self esteem building

3.3. Explain the social and medical models of disability and the impact of each on practice
Look at the two models below; how do they effect your practice;
Medical: people are seen as the problem. They need to change their
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