Level 3 Nvq Dementia Awareness Essay

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1.1 Describe a range of causes of Dementia Syndrome.

Dementia Syndrome is a condition caused by a set of symptoms. These symptoms can include but are not limited to: - memory loss, mood changes, communication difficulties, difficulty understanding or thinking.

Some causes of these symptoms are:- the chemistry and structure of the brain changes, therefore causing the brain cells to die.(Alzheimer’s disease) Once again this can be caused by various things, lack of oxygen to the brain (Vascular dementia), a build-up of proteins (Dementia with Lewy Bodies), frontal or temporal lobe damage (Pick’s Disease, CJD, Huntingdon’s or Parkinson’s)

Less common forms of dementia can include:- Infections of the brain (meningitis or
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Even diet or illness can affect their abilities or needs. One day a person with dementia will remember, and be quite able, to complete certain tasks but then may be incapable another. This is not their choice it is because the brain is a very complex organ and the chemical changes vary from person to person. The information is still in the memory but the neurotransmitters are able to send messages one day but maybe not the next. If an individual has a water infection they may be more confused and their needs go up whilst their abilities go down. Medication may produce more hallucinations or tremors therefore once again their needs are increased.

2.1 Describe the impact of early diagnosis and follow up to diagnosis.

Early diagnosis of dementia can have a huge impact on the individual and their family and friends.
However early diagnosis can give access to treatment and allow planning of future care. It helps families to come to terms with the prognosis. However it can produce fear or even denial. The individual and family will require a good source of information and support emotionally, physically and financially.

Prior to diagnosis the individual may show signs of forgetfulness due to an incline in memory functions. They may even show signs of a decline in reasoning and communication

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