Level 3 Unit 14 Essay

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Unit 14 Assignment E1). The Social Model of disability came about through the disability movement and other organisation campaigning for equal rights, opportunities and choices for disabled people. The social model of disability recognises that any problem of disability are created by society and its institution and that The Discrimination Acts are tools to help to improve the response of society to disability, also a wheel chair user is not hampered by their disability but by lack of adequate access to buildings. The social model may impact upon our practise as we would provide inclusive environments as a starting point for all children. The Scope website stated ‘The social model of disability says that disability is caused by the way…show more content…
By the children going to respite care the children go there so the parents no their child is safe as it can be hard and distressing leaving their child somewhere else. Adults working with SEN children spend the majority of their time supporting that child however sometimes it’s the practitioners that needs the support. The role of the practitioners can be hard work and isn’t taken lightly, the practitioner needs support from other people around them to help promote their confidence and provide the correct provision for the children. A helpful support to practitioners could be the charity Mencap. Mencap work in partnership with people with a learning disability and all our services support people to live life as they choose. E5). One common condition is Dyslexia. It may be possible to detect symptoms of dyslexia before a child starts school. Possible symptoms include: * delayed speech development in comparison with other children of the same age * speech problems, such as not being able to pronounce long words properly and "jumbling" up phrases – for example, saying "helicopter" instead of "helicopter", or "beddy tear" instead of "teddy bear" * problems expressing themselves using spoken language, such as being unable to remember the right word to use, or putting together sentences together incorrectly * little understanding or appreciation of rhyming words, such as "the cat sat on

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