Level 5 Childcare and Education Unit 139

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Unit 139
Lead Practice that supports positive outcomes for children and young people’s development.
1.1 Explain different theories and frameworks of children and young person’s development
Refer back to 137.
1.2 Explain the potential impact on service provision of different theories and approaches
Sigmund Freud
Freud believed that our unconscious minds influence the way in which we behave. He thought that our early experiences caused our later adult behaviour. We are influenced by this in our provision by being good role models for children. We also make sure that they are always safe, and do not experience any negativity that may harm or influence their development. For example, we always praise and reward children to encourage confidence
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This is essential to see the childcare setting as it is day in and day out. There are no false settings and the business is inspected as it would be on any other day. I believe this is very important, as the CSIW can see whether their seven aims are being met, and how well the children are being looked after.
Foundation Phase
This is the statutory curriculum for all 3-7 year olds in Wales. This curriculum is for both maintained and non-maintained settings. Children are given opportunities to explore the world around them and understand how things work. They do this by taking part in practical activities that are relevant to their development. The curriculum focuses on experiential learning, active involvement, and developing each child.
Personal and Social Development
Encourages self esteem, personal beliefs, and moral values.
Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
Children are encouraged to communicate their needs, feelings and thoughts. They are given opportunities to choose and use reading materials.
Mathematical Development
Children use numbers with daily activities eg. Songs. They also develop a range of flexible methods for working mentally with numbers. For example, when playing number games and flash cards.
Welsh Language
Where the children are encouraged to communicate in welsh and become involved in welsh activities.
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Children are given experiences that increase their curiosity
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