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What is Person Centred Planning Person centred planning is a set of approaches designed to assist someone plan their life with support. It is most often used as a model to enable people with disabilities or otherwise requiring support to increase their personal self determination and improve their own independence. It discovers and acts on what is important to the person. In dementia care is a key aspect of best practice. It is a way of caring for a person with dementia as an individual with unique qualities. It means looking at the world from the person’s point of view ‘standing in their place’ as it were and appreciating how they may be feeling. Instead of treating all people with dementia the same – it makes the care you give…show more content…
Standard 6 of the minimum standards states: “Each resident has an individual and up to date comprehensive care plan” How does person centred practice inform the way in which consent is established with individuals. Person centred practice encourages the individuals active participation. It recognises the person’s right to participate in the activities and relationships of everyday life as independently as possible. The individual is regarded as an active partner in their own care or support rather than a passive recipient. Consent is an informed agreement to an action or decision. The process of establishing consent will vary according to an individual’s assessed capacity to consent. In dementia care we often look to family, advocates other professionals and carers in order to gain consent when the individual no longer has the capacity. Person centred practice asks us to see the person first, illness second, everyone has the basic human right of choice, independence, respect and dignity. Person centred planning can / cannot result in positive outcomes for individuals. If used properly, comprehensively and in a multi-disciplinary way, person centred planning can have a positive outcome for individuals. It can improve the respect individual’s receive and it can give more opportunities for people to make everyday choices. It gives individuals the chance to be involved with planning their care and is consulted

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