Level HSC Unit 40 - Lead positive behavioural support.

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Unit 40: Lead Positive Behavioural Support
Unit code: O32
Olivia Haslam.
Analyse theories underpinning Positive Behavioural Support
Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) - A values led, person centred, evidence based intervention model that seeks to improve an individual’s communication, independence and quality of life. It aim to bring together best practice from Applied Behaviour Analysis, the inclusion movement Person Centred Planning. PBS is an inclusive approach, supporting people to stay in their homes and schools environments.
The Positive Behaviour Support model has a strong and growing body of supporting research evidence. The British Psychological Society, The Royal College of Psychiatrists and The Royal College of Speech and
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It further interlinks with other Departmental policies, procedures, guidelines and with legislation. A shortlist of such documents relevant to behaviour support will be given at the end of our policy documentation that is given to staff. In addition, all services provided to children and young people must be in accordance with the standards and guidelines outlined in the following documents:
■ NSW Out-of-Home Care Standards (NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian); ■ Living in the Community: Putting Children First (July 2002);
■ The Children’s Standards in Action (2004); ■ Individual Planning for Children and Young People Living in Out-of-Home Placements: Policy and Procedures (May 2007);
■ Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Community Services and the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care on Children and Young Persons with a Disability, and;
■ NSW Interagency Guidelines for Child Protection Intervention (DoCS 2006).
2.1 Explain the importance of ensuring functional analysis is based on formal assessment
Functional Behavioural Assessment, Functional assessment is a process for determining the function of the child/adult’s problem behaviour. Functional Assessment or Functional Behavioural Assessment (FBA) involves the collection of data, observations, and information to develop a
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