Level Of Consciousness-Personal Narrative Analysis

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I wonder if I really know what I am writing here, or am I writing as an unconscious entity repeating the things I have learned in an order that makes sense to me. For an idea of what I am writing, is this coming from a creature or state consciousness level? (Gulick, 2014). Right there I have requested an answer from my insides and I do not know whether it came from my conscious or subconscious. Furthermore, does it matter where the question came from in accessing the answer? The idea of consciousness has been around for a long time, but people still question and debate on whether or not one is conscious of their actions (Gulick, 2014). If one knows they are scared that is fine, but do they know why they are afraid? Thus, the levels of consciousness ensue and people try to figure out what they know and do not, why they know it, and/or from where it came.…show more content…
An investment in others is represented by an identification that allows it to be placed in the mind by way of the ego highway and its alternative routes (Freud, n.d.). I know this is true because I have already formed opinions of things and bring them back when revisiting it. I also have questions in my mind of how to act daily and why. Why do I want to do something that I know is bad, or just might be perceived that way? Why do I want to help other people, and why do I care are other questions that are answered in the idea of the id, ego, and superego. If I have a way to separate myself into different sections that can explain why I do what I do it will help me to manipulate myself into doing the things I want to do. It makes
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