Level Privacy Settings Should Be Good For Protect People From What They Say And Post

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Topic 3: Issue 1: -High-level privacy settings would be good to protect people from what they say and post. It would also allow people to only show certain people what they are posting. -If people don’t want to upload a picture of themselves I don’t think they should be aloud to upload a picture of someone else. Even with consent this could be considered false advertisement and could lead to more problems. If someone doesn’t want a picture of themselves on social media they should just skip the step of uploading a picture and just allow the default setting to serve as their picture. -If people don’t want to put their real name on social media, I don’t think using a pseudonym would be appropriate. They could just use their first name…show more content…
Deleting someone’s personal page should be their decision and not the decision of the social media company. Issue 2: -There would be a legal requirement for all social networks sites to force their users to set their pages at a high security setting. For example, would be no longer be aloud to have any of their information available on Facebook to the general public, they would instead have to accept the friend request of someone before they are aloud to see any of the information they post. This would be the same for Instagram and for Twitter and any other social media site. The user would have to specifically give permission to people before they were aloud to see what they were posting. -There would be a legal requirement that no one on social media would be aloud to use someone else picture or name. Even with consent. You would only be aloud to use the default settings, which would include a blank photo and no name. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social networking site would be required to have a default background picture and would allow for the person to skip putting in a name when signing up for the site. -It would be a legal requirement for any social networking site to put a process in place of when and how they would delete data or user profiles after they have been inactive for so long. When signing up for
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