Level of Awareness on Philippine Independent Films

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LEVEL OF AWARENESS ON SELECTED PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENT FILMS OF AB COMMUNICATION STUDENTS In partial fulfilment of the the subject Thesis Writing CHAPTER 1 Rationale Movies have been an important part of everyday experience for more than a century. Most people already know a great deal about it. But majority of viewers appreciate those on the mainstreams without giving prior notice to the existence of independent films. The chances for an indie film to elicit at least a semblance of ‘mainstream response’ remains very low. Independent films are largely ignored by ordinary movie-goers in the Philippines, but the genre has become the “in thing” in the country as it gains international acclaim and generates the worldwide interest. (Onscreen…show more content…
This would help them on how they should be keenly aware and ethical in producing films. The study would remind them on the impact, influence and effect of their films to the viewers as perceived by Communication students. Future Film Producers. This study would give them knowledge and understanding on how to be creative and critical in producing independent films. This will provide them insights on ethical standards, limitations and violations when it comes to the following issues being discussed in relation to the themes of movies produced. Future researchers. This study will be useful to the future researchers who would conduct a similar study in a larger scope, because this could be a means of an additional source and baseline data to explain further ethical issues regarding Philippine Independent Films as perceived by AB Communication Students. This research, likewise, may serve as a reference for future studies. If needed, the results of the study can be verified and tested. Researchers. The would be an opportunity for them to utilize the knowledge they have learned from their study since they would be a part of the mass media world in the future. This would serve as their basis of practice if they will be inclined on the field of media, particularly, the film industry. Definition of Terms The following terms were defined operationally and conceptually: AB Communication Students- It pertained to the bonafide students enrolled in the course, Bachelor

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