Levelcan Case Study

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With advertising, the message we would want to communicate about LevelCan is that LevelCan is the trashcan that every family needs. We would want to communicate this message specifically because our target markets would be engaging with our advertisements and exposure would constantly stimulate them. Due to the fact that our target markets consist of large families, by having a family centered message, we would effectively be relating to them, grabbing their attention, interest, and possibly desire to be like the family displayed. In this sense, we would be talking directly to consumers that are part of each of our two target markets. By communicating to the consumers, this would be pull advertising since we are exposing them to stimuli through our advertisements and trying to create strong demand for the product. The consumers would then demand the product from retailers, who would have to reach out to wholesalers, who would then have to demand the product from the manufacturers, thus pulling it down the supply chain. The slogan for CleanFam would be “CleanFam – Keeping your life clean…show more content…
They run straight to the kitchen to the counter where their afternoon snack is waiting and their mother is holding the youngest sibling. There is a focus on the mom and you can see she is worn out and sighs or takes a deep breath. The kids finish their snack and immediately get up to throw their stuff away leaving no additional mess for their mom. Just then the father walks in and the kids all run up to hug him. He walks in to the kitchen and gives his wife a kiss on the cheek. He looks around and says, “Wow, it’s really nice and clean in here.” He smiles and so does the rest of the family. They all come in for a group hug and the camera zooms out slightly to see LevelCan even more. Focus is then shifted from the family to LevelCan (LevelCan is now in focus) as the slogan and message are done in a voice
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