Levels Of Decision Making Within A Business

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Levels of Decision Making 2
Strategic 2
External 2
Internal 3
Tactical 3
External 3
Internal 3
Operational 4
External 4
Internal 4
Information Systems 4
Executive Information System 4
Decision Support System 5
Transaction Processing System 5
Legislation 5
Data Protection Act 1998 5
Computer Misuse Act 1990 5
Communication Systems 6
Local Area Network (LAN) 6
Wide Area Network (WAN) 6
Intranet 6
Threats to Security and Security Procedures 7
Trojan Horse Virus 7
Phishing 7
Spam 7
Information Communication Technology Innovations 8
Touch Screen Technology 8
Web 2.0 8
Wireless technology 8

Levels of Decision Making

There are three levels of decision making within a business:


Strategic decisions are made at a high level, for example, CEO or owners. These decisions are long-term and will affect the future direction of Ice Queen. These decisions may occur once the company has conducted a SWOT Analysis to look at their strengths (internal), weaknesses (internal), opportunities (external) and threats (external). Once Ice Queen has evaluated these, they can then begin to make strategic choices to improve on these results. These choices maybe to explore other products, mergers or expansion of the company.

There are PESTEL factors that can influence the implementation of a strategic decision. The Economic factor that can influence the strategic decision is the demand for frozen food products. Ice Queen saw this is an opportunity to expand
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