Levels Of Government In The Elizabethan Era

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During Elizabethan times, there were levels of power, it was a very structured place, and had a complicated system of government (Queen Elizabeth I. 2017). First there were national bodies of government such as the Privy Council and Parliament, then regional bodies such as the Council of the Marches and the North, and then come the county and community bodies (Queen Elizabeth I. 2017). The Monarch, Privy Council, and Parliament’s worked together to rule the country, make laws, raise money, and decide upon matters of religion and national defenses (Queen Elizabeth I. 2017).The Privy Council was an administrative body, but could not oversee administration and government of all England and Wales, so the council of the North and the council of the Marches helped (Queen Elizabeth I. 2017). The people of Renaissance were composed of four social classes, the nobles, the merchants, the tradesmen, and the unskilled workers (M. 2016). Nobles lived on large estates outside the city walls. Nobles controlled and owned most of the city’s land (M. 2016). They served as royal advisers, politicians, and military officers (M. 2016). Nobles gained wealth in industries like wool processing, shipbuilding, and banking (M. 2016). Merchants were often out to protect their wealth by controlling government and marrying into noble families (M. 2016). The tradesmen were the crafts workers and shopkeepers. They were the “middle-class” of the twenty-first century. Some tradesmen belonged to guides,

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