Levels of Government Essay

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Independent regulatory commissions exercise all three powers of government one being the legislative branch. The powers of the legislative branch consist of enforcing laws passed by congress and establish policies. The legislative branch also has the power to confirm federal appointments and to impeach federal officials. A lot of times the legislative branch raises money and decides how that money is spent. Some monies are used to help government officials with their campaigns. The powers of the non legislative branch consist of amending the constitution to work with today’s laws and government but some amendments did not make it to the full process like the budget amendment and the school prayer amendment. The constitution gave the non…show more content…
For instance, they may try to get congress members to vote against a particular bill and convince members of the executive branch that a certain law is not that great. According to ( Volkomer; pg. 113) “the term “lobbyists” was first used several centuries ago in Great Britain when journalists would sit in the lobbies of the House of Commons waiting to interview legislators.” Most lobbyists are known to be practicing lawyers and public relation experts that are affiliated with large firms in Washington. Most are former members of congress and administrators who have worked in the executive branch. With their knowledge and personal contacts they know how congress agencies function and that’s how they end up persuading congress members. I am sure there might be dangers to lobbyists who try to influence legislators. Some dangers have been being prosecuted for bribery and corruption. This is why they made rules so that these lobbyists could not engage in personal relations or interactions with congressmen. They are not allowed to take them out to dinner, buy them expensive gifts or lavish them with expensive trips. Back in 1946 this law was passed but had many loopholes that the lobbyists still were able to get around so they continued to shower the congressmen with these gifts in hopes of gaining more votes for the issue or causes
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