Case Study Levendary Cafe

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MEMORANDUM TO: Mrs. Mia Foster, CEO Levendary Café FROM: Dominic Da Silva DATE: (Date) RE: Advice and Analysis on your meetings regarding future of Levendary Café China ______________________________________________________________________________ Your advice memo should have four clearly labeled sections and address the following topics: 1. Statement of Problem: What are the problems being faced and the most important 3-4 decisions the company needs to make regarding the situation of the company in China. The company transformation from private equity ownership with an immediate shift of CEO marked new challenges for the company. The company has been going through rigorous changes to keep up with the strong…show more content…
Clearly explain. The importance of the concerns with the necessity to strategically move to address the issues is obvious. The different courses of action that can be adapted to respond the requisites are referred below: a. Department Heads are to be aligned over a platform with allocation of KPI in their respective fields in the light of the strategic objectives. b. The board of directors is to be supported by an in house team to monitor and coach the resolutions. c. A third person consultation service can be hired with an objective of desired goals. 3. Decision: Recommend one course of action. Convince us why this one is best and will help fix the problems. Address any criticism that this decision is likely to face Amongst the suggested options the first option of allocation targeted objectives as KPIs of the department head is the most suitable, as it will utilize in house resources and direct monitoring of the in charge. At the same time, the possibility of information leakage or blame game is further at the diminished end if this option is opted. 4. Action: List and describe 4-5 action steps to turn your plan into reality and implement the plan A comprehensive and concise action plan to support the strategy is suggested below for your perusal. a. Development and establishment of company processes and policies. b. The
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