Leveraging Effective Performance of Work Teams

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Abstract The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how work groups perform effectively and the major challenges while working in a team. The study is supported by a real life scenario that helps in the explanation of the functioning of a work group. There are two disciplines that hold the key for the performance of a small group. The first one is the team discipline and the other is the single leader discipline. The team discipline involves a great deal of versatility and is also quite demanding as it requires full commitment from every member of the team. There are many instances when the team discipline is not present and this leads to the failure of the workgroups. Some challenges of a workgroup demand single leader discipline. The single leader discipline is all about contributions from each member of the group which are managed by a disciplined leader. In the modern times the single leader approach has been used widely and is considered to be more effective. The important part of any work group is that the skills of the team members are complementary to each other and the team work is an essential component of any workgroup activity. Every member of the group has a unique style and the leader's style and personality is critical because he is the one who will be taking all the major decisions. Compromise units are an important concept to understand when studying the workgroups. Those who do not understand the value of compromise units become dysfunctional and
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