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Leveraging Human Potential 5

Michelle Kinyungu
Leveraging Human Potential
GM 500: Management Theories and Practices 1
Professor Giddings

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the real word diversity problems one can encounter in the corporations and initiatives employers should take in order to appreciate the diversity and leverage the human capital.
I intend to learn that diversity is beyond employees being different, but extends to gender, education background, ethic, and social status. In ?True to Myself? (Daft,2014) this case study address diversity in the area of gender. I learned that racism, nor harassment is not always men to women, but it can be woman to woman. As a future, business woman I have to be mindful that diversity in the workforce must be alive and vibrant among women and men. To minimize the gender, generation gaps, and cultural differences. I learned that diversity training and inclusion is needed to build diversity.
?True To Myself? highlights the real world diversity issues at the workplace which is not only prone to racism, but also with one of the issues of men vs. women. In the workplace where such issues exist, there are cases of equal pay, equal opportunities and several other kinds. Harassment cases are common, and women are claimed to be employed only to maintain the sex ratio in the company and showcase as it is their CSR to provide employment. In the work culture like discussed in the case, women stop
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