Leveraging Marketing Automation And Crm Tools For Edify

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Leveraging Marketing Automation and CRM Tools for Edify Lab 2.25.17
The application presently developed for has ability capture basic profile data for a Professional, and basic user data for a consumer, but nothing that will allow the company to manage users (professionals or consumers) who have not yet registered, nor anything that will allow tracking and delivering optimal messages to increase usage of the site for registered users.
CRM tools generally focus on designing phone or email campaigns to track potentials customers (Users in the case of Edify) until they become actual customers, and then focus on the lifetime relationship and engagement / spending on Edify.
Marketing tools generally focus on tracking how people
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This means you need a disciplined process – known as lead nurturing – to develop qualified leads until they are sales-ready. Done well, nurturing can result in 50% more sales leads at 33% lower cost per lead.
An example of lead nurturing is a feature where a visitor comes to Edify Lab, leaves, and goes to another site – it is possible to place ads on that next site, possibly bringing them back while it is fresh in their memory.
Another critical activity is a fast efficient way to create landing pages that are custom to each visitor: for Professionals that are not yet signed up, reference their category in the copy and/or images and video testimonials. With dozens of categories, this ability will be key for Edify – the developers could likely create templates that allow for easy production of Landing Pages, and managing those landing pages so the person kicking off the email or social media campaigns can easily select the right Landing Page URL to put into an email campaign message body.
In an example of Marketo, they have an email message builder for campaigns that lets you, for example, select a list of leads that are Opt-in, and who visited the web site in the last 90 days, but did not sign up. In this case, the Marketo tool knows which of the leads in the database visited the website via tracking tools, and a little code that is added to the pages of the web site.

Going further into marketing automation, Marketo can
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