Levi Jeans: Showing What Women Are Made of: an Advertisement Analysis

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Many women believe Mary Kay Ashe said it best when she observed, “While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman.” ( This observation simply means that a woman’s appearance can have a tremendous influence on how she really views herself. Two advertisements from the world famous Levi’s Jean Company portrays this concept of self. One advertisement from a Seventeen magazine published in 1954 presents four women standing in a posed position, showcasing various types of Levi clothing attire. Another advertisement, published fifty years later, in 2009 in the W+K magazine presents a different view by drawing the viewers attention to…show more content…
This brings out her inner rebel and proves that she is a young girl with an immense amount of self-confidence. Also, it is evident in the advertisements that society’s view on what an attractive woman looks like has changed throughout the years. In the 1954 advertisement, the women look older and have shorter hair. In the current ad, the woman is much younger and thinner, with very long, straight hair and appears more casual than the 1954 advertisement. The 2009 ad advertise a more casual Levi’s, which also shows that the clothing style itself has drastically changed over time. An evolving concept of female independence is conveyed through the various images in each advertisement. The 1954 advertisement features four women standing outside of a building, wearing casual Levi’s attire. Each of the four women are very conservative in their clothing style, wearing high waist pants and showing hardly any skin. This adds a polite and old-fashioned feel to the advertisement. The 2009 advertisement represents a more modern day clothing style by showing the back view of a topless young lady, wearing only muddy and baggy Levi jeans. In the 1954 advertisement, each woman demonstrates an affirmative attitude with her pleasant facial expression, which brings about this optimistic feeling of self the women have established. Although the facial expression is hidden in the 2009 advertisement by only allowing the
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