Levi Roots Essay

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How does Levi Roots use language to sell his product to the dragons? Levi Roots uses spoken language devices to persuade the dragons to invest in his product. He uses a variety of spoken language techniques such as pausing, overlapping, turn taking and accent in order to persuade the dragons. The dragons respond in a warm way, and join in the humour Levi creates throughout the interview; this suggests that Levi root was successful in persuading the dragons. His use of language also sets mood and tone in different situations throughout the interview. As Levi enters the room, he starts to sing a song. This catches the dragon’s attention as they have never been welcomed in such way before. This suggests that they are amused and are…show more content…
Levi’s varies his choices of words and phrases to persuade them. ‘I don’t see me would have...’ this is an example of Levi’s Jamaican dialect; his spoken language does not suit the context or the situation he is in, but he is able to control it by creating bond with the dragons, through humour. ‘You’ve just you’ve just lost so much credibility,’ this shows that Levi has achieved to create a bond with them as Duncan Bannatyne joins in the humorous tone and is mirroring Levi. ‘Oh dear (.) right,’ stated by Theo Paphitis, he has become more serious and has returned to his formal tone suggesting that he is ready to talk business with Levi Roots. Realizing that Roots himself can’t create anymore humour, he changes the way he speaks to make a more formal way and tries to do his best to convince the dragons that he is a good businessman. However he starts to overlap and pause more often than he did before at the start of the interaction, this shows that he is hesitating and is nervous as he does not want to say something he shouldn’t. It also suggests that he cares in what he has to say, and wants to be seen as a confident, businessman who wants to sell his product. ‘I think Theo must be this handsome guy right in front of me, here’ Levi realizes that things have become more serious, so he tries his best to stay
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