Levi Suydam

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Many individuals question whether the statement that there are only two sexes is true or not. A male has the XY chromosome and the female has the XX chromosome. There has been several studies proving that an individual has both chromosomes. The Levi Suydam case and the Emma case provides the knowledge of the new revealed sexes.
One of the major events that shaped this statement was the local election of 1843 in Salisbury, Connecticut (pg.1). Levi Suydam was considered an intersex individual meaning that he had both male and female parts. Around that time period, women were not able to vote (women suffrage) and the american democracy felt as if he was more female than male. After further examination, it became clear that Suydam was menstruating regularly as a woman and he had feminine perspectives. The five sexes were male,female,merm,ferm,and herm. Barry, a
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Sex refers to the physical traits of male and females. Gender refers to the cultural behaviors,social behaviors, and attitudes learned through socialization with being male and female. The two-party sexual system of this article was apart of the nature theory discussed in our textbook. Nature refers to biological, physiological, heredity of an individual which can be fairly fixed. Many teenagers decide that they want to change their gender and become attracted to the same gender. For example, a female who dresses like a boy and dates another female is considered a transgender. Also, a lot of teenagers or older adults start to feel that they were born in the wrong body and decide to have a sex change (transexual). Most families do not accept the new change and therefore abandon their children. There have been many issues with parents wanting a certain gender, and dress the child according to the gender they would rather have. This situation makes the child question their gender/sexuality as they get
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