Levi 's Strauss And Co

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Levi’s Strauss & Co
Two years after his father’s passing, Levi Strauss immigrated from Buttenheim, Bavaria to New York with his sisters in 1848. His two older brothers owned a dry goods business called “J. Strauss Brother & Co” located in New York City. After becoming more familiar with the trade and how the business worked, he traveled to California after word got out about the gold rush in 1853. Levi wanted to keep up with the demand, so where there were people looking for their fortune through gold, he was there making pants for them and the people who worked in tougher conditions.
Levi received a letter around 1872 from a loyal customer of his. Jacob Davis was a tailor from Reno, Nevada loved his design of pants and continued to buy from Levi because of the pant’s quality. He had a proposition for Levi. In this letter it proposed on collaborating on a new design for pants were using metal rivets on the sections that go through the most strain, would make the pants last much longer. Jacob came to Levi because Levi was already established as a businessman and was familiar with the trade. Also he needed someone that was familiar with the trade to put this idea into action. Levi agreed to patent the idea. On May 20, 1873, the patent was given to Jacob Davis and the Levi Strauss & Company and the “ blue jean was born.”
The iconic “blue jeans” were originally called “XX.” In 1886, Levi had a two horse logo branded onto a leather patch which represented the strength…
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