Leviathan, By Thomas Hobbes

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In Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes, he talks about nature, man, liberty, and other topics. Mr. Hobbes says that “nature hath made men so equal,” but how can we determine how they are equal? We can say everyone is equal before they come into the world, except when they are actually in the world, no one is the same. Everyone is different in some way, whether it be with respect, money, or just social gains. One man can claim any benefit to his satisfaction, but is it only satisfying to himself or others? What makes this satisfying? Something’s can be satisfying while others find them horrifying. For example, in the real world there are psychopaths that murder people and do other totally absurd things. The “normal” people find this disturbing, and might find football satisfying to them, but then again, who defines what is “normal” about a person.
Without a common power to keep all men in awe, they are in war. Every man is for themselves and just fighting to be the best, but how can this be? Why can’t we all just accept who each other is, instead of fighting for who can be the best? When men are in war with each other, they have no common sense between justice and injustice actions. They block everything out and go on a totally aggressive offensive scheme. All they care about is coming on top and destroying whoever they are at war with, but why does there have to be war at all? Most people go to war for items and to show who is best, but can there never be war? The answer is no, to

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