Leviathan Research Paper

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The Leviathan: a beast known to lurk deep within the bowels of the sea; the reason many ships now rest in what sailors' call Davy Jones' Locker; the very beast that holds countless deceased sailors, who dared to sail the ocean it claimed, under its name; a beast whose power was blessed upon a single family. Or rather, cursed. Although it is perceived as a gift to the common eye - as a sign of pride given to those who wielded it - it couldn't be farther from the truth. But a question lies within these false notions: where did this all begin? How could've humans possibly been bestowed the power of the great sea monster?It began eons ago; in the far off coast of the island belonging to the Manlyn clan, a woman, who dawned the name of Lady Lauren…show more content…
It gifted Lauren a power. From this point on, its essence laid deep inside her, the creature returning to the depths in which it came from, never to be seen again. The woman, of course, was overjoyed; a unique power gifted to her (of all people), was nothing short of a miracle. Taking advantage of her miracle, she managed to master the water manipulation technique after years of dedication, using it to create monsters through water as a style of battle. What she didn't realize, however, was of the single con weaved into a sea of pros. The Leviathan was known to be a dark creature, the power having forced itself into a state of purity in order to be implanted into a mortal. In other words, the more she used it, the more it would return to its original dark state. Unfortunately, with its constant usage, the light began to wane, Lauren soon forced into her form as the darkness slowly consumed. Eventually, all the light she had would be depleted. It became too much. As a solution, she jumped off the cliff behind the Manlyn mansion, breaking away from the pain as she died in the sea she once loved to
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