Levis - 4 P's

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Primarily thanking ALLAH Almighty for giving us such a bright opportunity to learn and polish our extravagant abilities.


➢ Acknowledgments

➢ Executive Summary

➢ Introduction

➢ History

➢ Market segmentation, targeting and positioning

➢ Marketing mix • -Product • -Price • -Place • -Promotion ➢ SWOT analysis ➢ Conclusions ➢ Recommendations



Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO.) is one of the world's largest brand-name apparel marketers with sales in more than 110 countries. There is no
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They underlie how we compete in the marketplace and how we behave.”


The mission of Levis Strauss & Co. is to sustain responsible commercial; success as a global marketing company of branded apparel.
We must balance goals of superior profitability and return on investment, leadership market positions, and superior products and services. We will conduct our business ethically and demonstrate leader ship in satisfying our responsibilities to our communities and to society. Our work environment will be safe and productive and characterized by fair treatment, teamwork, open communications, personal accountability and opportunities for growth and development.


They want a company that make them proud of and committed to, where all employees have an opportunity to contribute, learn, grow and advanced based on merit, not politics or background. They want their people to feel respected, treated fairly, listened to and involved. Above all, they want satisfaction from accomplishments and friendships, balanced personal and professional lives, and to have fun in our endeavors.

When LS & Co. describe the future of Levi they are talking about a building on the foundation they have inherited: affirming best of their Company’s tradition, closing gaps that may exist between principles and
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